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The Chittamani Tara Ritual is performed on the second Sunday of each month at TCCW's Oakland Center, from 9 am - 12 noon. Tea is provided and everyone is welcome to attend.
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About the Ritual
Tara the Wisdom Mother
Tara the Wisdom Mother is invoked in times of personal difficulties, family and business problems, and when there is need for quick wisdom action. She manifests in twenty-one different forms to benefit all beings. In the aspect of Chittamani Tara, she responds quickly to the requests those who pray to her.

By performing the practice of Tara, one can collect a great deal of merit, avoid suffering and lower rebirth, receive initiation from innumerable Buddhas and quickly attain Enlightenment. Tara's blessing is especially effective and appropriate for a person who has many virtuous missions to accomplish.
Chittamani Tara
Chittamani Tara (Green Tara), is a deity of Anuttarayoga Tantra, the highest yoga tantra. There are many inner obstructions to our mental development that manifest as external obstacles. To be successful in our dharma practice and to actualize the path to Enlightenment, we need to rely on a special Buddha like Green Tara. It is taught that the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas manifests in the form of Tara, who helps sentient beings successfully accomplish both temporary and ultimate happiness.
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